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Creating a loyal following in the over-saturated virtual world takes strategy, specifically content that entertains and delights. Below are a few ways to create content that converts, even before it’s posted.

Content Reigns Supreme: Albeit the written word or viral videos, content is still king. Content is what creates a buzz, stirs emotion, and converts leads into loyal customers. And since engagement is the key to humanizing a brand, what’s shared must be valuable.

Define the Target Audience: Defining the target audience is the first step in any social media strategy. While going viral and marketing to everyone is a lofty goal, it usually ends in lackluster ROI and wasted ad spend. Defining the target audience means finding out exactly who the target demographic is and what they want from the brand.

Research gives valuable insight into what people search online, where they live and which platforms they use most often. Google Analytics offers a wealth of information for free. There’s also a variety of social media programs that can delve even deeper into audience segmentation.

Keywords Count: Regardless of content type, keywords are still relevant. SEO is what helps brands not only rank on Google but also be found on social medial channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Taking the time to research trending keywords put marketers one step ahead when it comes to curate content. There are plenty of free online tools to research keywords, like Moz, SemRush, and SpyFu.

Create a Calendar: A social media calendar also plays a huge role in marketing strategy. If the key to staying relevant is consistency, not posting when regularly is just bad as not posting at all. People want to know that the brands they follow are there for them, even when they’re busy. They count on brands to create content that answers their questions, entertains, and most importantly, consistent.

Creating is no longer only about visuals or blog posts; it’s about creating a connection with an audience. Take the time to develop a sound content strategy that converts prospects into loyal followers and creates value. Quality content, in addition, to human engagement, is the best way to craft a social media strategy that works.