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Carlo Dupone

President of Greenflash Mobile Marketing



President of Greenflash Mobile Marketing, Carlo Dupone, has made a name for himself as someone interested in helping people achieve greatness.

“I was working at AutoTrader as the General Sales Manager in charge of managing the sales department and print marketing materials. After gaining some invaluable experience, I felt the need to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit. From there, I started two of my own magazines, all in the San Diego area.”

Carlo Dupone is uniquely equipped for his role in marketing and advertising because of his experience as a business owner. Carlo desires to make the client experience as enjoyable, efficient, and excellent as possible.

Carlo is also known for his work in real estate acquisition and development with Dupone Capital, LLC. Here, he uses his passion for entrepreneurship and relationships to build passive income. “The intersection of revenue and relationship is really where I thrive. I love striking up deals that are beneficial to both parties involved.”

When not working, chances are you can find Carlo Dupone with his family. “My oldest daughter – Tatiana – is a medical device sales representative. To shoot it straight,” Carlo adds, “she’s killing it. My son – Dominic – is pursuing his passion for excellence and the environment as a Sales Manager for a successful and innovative solar power company. My daughter, Daniella, is currently pursuing medical school, and my youngest daughter, Gianna, is still in middle school. I’m having a ton of fun watching her excel in competitive dance around the San Diego area.

In addition, you can find Carlo Dupone on the green practicing his swing or getting some exercise. A student of martial arts for over 30 years, Carlo enjoys Krav Maga, America Kenpo, and Taekwondo.

A graduate of UCLA, Carlo Dupone, studied Economics in his undergraduate career. From there, he went on to receive his Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Canterbury.

For tips and insights into the work of digital marketing and traditional advertising, follow Carlo Dupone online and stay up to date on the latest insights and updates!

Carlo’s Work

President, Greenflash Mobile Marketing

Carlo Dupone is the President of Greenflash Mobile Marketing.

President, Dupone Capital, LLC

Carlo Dupone is the President of Dupone Capital LLC, focusing in real estate acquisition, development, and investing.

Founder & CEO, San Diego Publications

Carlo Dupone is the Founder and CEO of San Diego Publications and has served in that position for over 15 years.



Carlo Dupone has his Master’s degree in Marketing from the University of Canterbury.

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