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Where would be without efficient digital marketing tools? Great tools will automate tasks and help you better organize your work. If you have the right apps and know how to use them, you can save time, lower your risk of missing things, create a steady workflow, and keep your business running smoothly.

In 2020, what digital marketing tools will efficient businesses be using? Here are five of the greats for you to check out.



This tool was created by Neil Patel for keyword research. Search engine optimization is still as important as ever for digital marketers. This free tool lets you research your competition on specific keywords and offers suggestions and information you’ll need to make wise SEO decisions.



Users are now familiar with chatbots and finding them valuable. A lot of the chatbot apps out there may be too complicated to implement on your own, but SnatchBot isn’t one of them. You can use their free version without needing to know any coding. For ease of use and jumping in on this trend, SnatchBot is one of the big digital marketing tools for 2020 you’ll want to know more about.



Hootsuite has been around for a while, which means it has proven itself. This is still a great tool for social media management. You can use Hootsuite to schedule your posts on all the big social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, so you can keep your accounts active when you’re not there. You can reply to messages within this tool and easily organize your posting calendar.



If you’re trying to grow on social media, you’ll want to check out Famoid. This tool is for increasing your platforms on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. The tool breaks down strategies you can implement to grow your following and increase engagement.



The best way to grow your digital marketing is to know what you’re doing well. With the right analytics and regular evaluation, you can see where you should invest more time and money and where you can make cuts. Kissmetrics is an advanced analytics tool to make these decisions easier. This tool gives you a better look at how things are working throughout your funnels and helps you maximize your potential.